Astronomy 131 2 Assignment Project

Astronomy 131 2 Assignment Project

Astronomy 131 2 Assignment Project

1st assignment lab

AST 131 MARS IMAGE EXPLORATION LAB NAME__________________________________


To develop an appreciation of the volume and detail of the exploration of the planet Mars.

To review in detail selected images of Mars and apply knowledge of geologic processes which occur on Earth to those observed on Mars.



Go to internet web sites and search the web to answer the following questions one site is http: //

Explore this and other web sites and answer the following ten questions.

1. Are geologic processes, as we know them on Earth, occurring on Mars at the present time? Review the most recent Mars images from the orbiting cameras. and find three examples that support your answer.

2. Explore the “Curiosity, Spirit and Opportunity” missions which are under way on Mars. Briefly describe the purpose of the mission and three things learned about the planets surface.

3. Explore the “Pheonix” mission to Mars. Briefly describe the purpose of the mission the equipment used and the success of the mission. What does the sucess of the mission mean in terms of maned exploration to Mars.

4. Explore the “HiRise”, MOLA or any other shaded relief map of Mars. Locate and identify the highest mountain. Determine the height of this mountain and its origin. Why do you think the mountain was able to reach this remarkable height.

5. Review the web site and find and interesting image of the planet’s surface and describe the area of the image in detail.

6. Review the recent images on the finding of water on Mars. Describe the location on Mars and the evidence used by scientists to determine that water was present.

7. Describe the polar Martian terrain based the orbiting camera image of your selection (Note these images are relatively new to all) . Include what you believe are the geologic or atmospheric processes involved your terrain’s formation.

8. Search the web site and discover how scientists determine that a meteorite found on Earth is from Mars?

9. Find on the web, a virtual tour of the Valles Marineris. Describe your tour and the topography seen and as well the geologic events that possibly created this amazing feature.

10. Review the information presented concerning manned space missions to Mars. Based on your review do believe that this mission will occur. Discuss your reasons for your answer.

assignment 2

his might be a bit unusual, however, I want you to find and view either the new movie ” The Martian” or the old movie “Mission to Mars”. You will find either entertaining since you know lots about Mars. I want you to make a list of things that you believe are realistic about the mission and the conditions of the planet itself. Then a list of very unbelievable things. Discuss your top three believable and not believable things with your classmates.