Michael Jackson Music Assignment

Michael Jackson Music Assignment

Michael Jackson Music Assignment

1. Motown

The role of recording companies is constantly evolving and changing. Choose a record company operating today and carry out research on the company.

Decide what types of artists and music it records. Does it favor one genre over another? Has it had top hits on the charts? Determine the profile of the record company noting the salient or selling points. How would you pitch this record company to new recording artists you would like to hire?

Write up a pitch to attract this new artist to the company.


2. Jimi Hendrix and the counterculture

Check out the PBS American Masters documentary about Jimi Hendrix, “Hear My Train A Comin” and write a short report about what you have learned about Jimi Hendrix. Highlight the interviews from his friends and colleagues and write about how they show a more human side of Jimi Hendrix.

3. Synthesizers

Choose one of the electronic innovations (The Mellotron) mentioned in this lesson. Carry out research about it.

Write a short report about one of the innovative synthesizers, why it is important, and which performers used it. You may include examples of the performers work to emphasize what the synthesizer was trying to achieve.

4. Disco music

Choose a disco star of your choice and carry out research about the stars music and lifestyle. Turn in a short presentation about the star covering important points such as music, fashion, lyrics and awards.

5. 80s Performers

Create a biopic of your favorite 80s performer. Gather photos and information about the person’s life and career. Using an easy film program or even a power-point presentation program, put together the information in biopic form using the photos to capture performances in different stages of the performer’s career.