Nursing Theory and One Organizational Change Theory

Nursing Theory and One Organizational Change Theory

Nursing Theory and One Organizational Change Theory


The purpose of this assignment is to examine key doctoral level competencies that are essential to advanced nursing practice.

This Assignment will serve as the Course Level Assessments for:

DN703-1: Assess theoretical foundations that guide the complexity of advanced nursing practice at the doctoral level.



For this assignment, you will select and write a scholarly paper relating these theories to clinical practice. You will discuss similarities between the two theories, and you will reflect upon your nursing experience and current work setting to complete the assignment requirements.

Content to include in the paper:

Identify one nursing theory and one organizational change theory; analyze key concepts of each theory. Describe any commonalities that exist between the two theories.

In the context of your nursing experience, examine a gap in practice or an organizational issue (not related to a DNP project idea); identify how the theories you selected can operationalize a practice change to address the gap in practice or issue in the organization.

Investigate how the selected theories influence health care at the national and global level?

Evaluate how change occurs in the organization where you currently work. Explain if change occurs according to a theoretical framework and if not, what guides change in your organization?

This paper should be 5-7 pages in length (excluding title page and references); supported with a minimum of five scholarly, peer reviewed sources external to those assigned in class for this unit; use APA formatting and citation style. Do not use textbook only 5 or more peer reviewed sources or references. No plagiarism, original work only. Will be send to turnit in and and not more than 15%.