HS 2305 Legal and Ethical Issues in Human Service

HS 2305 Legal and Ethical Issues in Human Service

HS 2305 Legal and Ethical Issues in Human Service

Chapter 1: Introduction to Professional Ethics
Answer the questions below by using chapter 1 of your textbook.


1. A social service agency might be required  to disclose client information:
☐ they are court-ordered to do so.
☐ they do not want to.
☐ anytime they want to.
☐ none of the above.

2. The first essential step toward ethical  decision-making is:
☐ ignoring client choice.
☐ telling the client what to do.
☐ identifying the problem or dilemma of a  client to be able to problem-solve with the client.

☐ reviewing too many processes.

3. When a client can no longer pay for  services, the American Counseling Associate allows:
☐ clients to see as many counselors as they want forever.
☐ clients to continue receiving services forever.
☐ counselors to stop counseling the client.
☐ none of these apply.

4. Ethics relates to _________:
☐ moral principles that govern a person’s  behavior or the conducting of an activity
☐ only employed people.
☐ only teachers.
☐ only children.

5. If HHS workers have conflict over potential  ethical situations, they should:
☐ ignore it.
☐ obtain feedback and direction from an immediate supervisor.
☐ go with only their own thought.
☐ don’t take action.


Chapter 2: The Counselor as a Person and as a Professional
Answer the questions below by using chapter 2 of your textbook.

6. When the unethical therapist or human service  agency provides services for clients longer than necessary for financial  reasons, it appears they are:

☐ catering to the client’s whims.
☐ keeping the client engaged in services to gain financially.
☐ being mean to the client.
☐ none of the above.

7. Nina has disclosed to her HHS worker that her boyfriend abused her, and she is being referred for counseling in order to determine whether or not she should continue the abusive relationship with her boyfriend. Which of the following statements should her HHS worker tell her?

☐ Your priority is to ensure your safety at all times.
☐ Stay with your boyfriend as he will change.
☐ Stay with your boyfriend as you can’t afford to leave.
☐ Ignore your feelings as they will pass.

8. Which of the following statements about HHS  workers is true?

☐ HHS workers should ignore their feelings.

☐ HHS  workers must maintain a work-life balance and practice self-care to ensure they do not burn out.

☐ HHS workers should ignore client needs over their own.
☐ None of the above.

9. Which of the following is an unethical situation on the part of an  HHS worker:
☐ making sexual advances on a client an HHS  worker is helping.
☐ maintaining client confidentiality.
☐ setting appropriate boundaries with clients.
☐ None of the above.

10. If a client makes sexual advances toward an  HHS worker, the worker should:

☐ set appropriate professional boundaries with the client which will discourage them from doing so in the future.

☐ go on a date with the client.

☐ make advances back with the client.

☐ none of the above.


The Importance of Ethical Decision  Making
Answer the questions below relating to ethical decision making.

11. Describe an ethical situation you could encounter while working with a client.

Type   answer here

12. Explain how you would deal with the unethical situation in #11  appropriately.

Type answer here

13. Explain why it is important to take a client’s feedback and perspective into consideration when making a decision related to ethical issues.

Type   answer here

14. Answer the questions below relating to an  ethical issue that can arise at a community level.

a. Sometimes unethical situations can occur at a community level. For instance, a non-profit agency might decide to only provide housing assistance to non-minority applicants. Describe how would you advocate for change in this unethical situation if you were a community advocate striving to ensure equal rights for your clients.

Type   answer here

b. Identify some barriers you might encounter while advocating for change.

Type   answer here

15. Why is it important to maintain appropriate ethics when making decisions in the HHS field?

Type   answer here