Life Span 2 Assignment Project

Life Span 2 Assignment Project

Life Span 2 Assignment Project

Your Movie Assignment is due this week.  After viewing the movie Juno, please answer one (1) of the questions contained in the Assignment Instructions is in the attachment.  Please see attachment folder for specific assignment directions.  Be sure to indicate which question you are answering and that you have completely answered all components of the question.  Be sure to use proper APA citations when citing your resources.


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    HLS 245 Human Development Across the Lifespan Movie Character Analysis Assignment (25 points)

    The class will view the movie, Juno.

    • Before viewing the movie, the student should consider the questions and topics listed below.

    • Prepare to give specific examples from the movie to reinforce responses given to answer the chosen question.

    • Please write the number of the essay you have chosen at the top of your paper or title page.

    Characters in the movie, Juno, include: Adolescents (ages 12-20) – Juno MacGuff and Paulie Bleeker (both approximately 16) Young Adults (ages 20-40) – Vanessa Loring and Mark Loring (both in early 30’s) Middle Adults (ages 40-65) – Mac MacGuff and Bren MacGuff (both in late 40’s) Select and answer one of the following questions: 1. Juno and Piaget (Adolescents – Cognitive Development): During Piaget’s fourth and final stage, Formal Operations, individuals develop skills to solve problems and systematically test solutions. They evidence advanced reasoning and language skills. Individuals in this stage understand abstract concepts (logic, deductive reasoning, strategic planning, etc.). Piaget clearly states that not all individuals will reach this stage of cognitive development.

    Does Juno evidence development in the Formal Operational stage? Why or why not? Discuss Juno’s behavior in terms of Piaget’s cognitive stages. Describe specific examples of her behaviors, thinking (cognition and moral) and language to support your conclusions. 2. Paulie Bleeker’s Development (Adolescents Development): Juno’s boyfriend, Paulie Bleeker, is a somewhat peripheral character in the movie Juno. However, he is seen quite often going about the activities of his day and expressing his feelings and emotions. Present a discussion that compares and contrasts Paulie Bleeker’s development in various areas (physical, health, motor, sensory, cognitive, language, psychosocial and sexual) – discuss his strengths and weaknesses in these areas. Make conclusions about Paulie’s adjustment during this time period in his development. Be sure to include what the theorists (Freud, Piaget, Erikson, Elkind and Marcia) expect for this particular stage of development and discuss your conclusions in relation to what might be expected for the individual. Life Span 2 Assignment Project


    3. Immature Characteristics of Adolescent Thought (Adolescents Development): David Elkind has theorized that adolescents exhibit immaturity of thinking stemming from their inexperience in formal operational thought. This new and unfamiliar way of looking at the world and themselves makes it difficult to cope with the challenges they face at times. Elkind described “immature characteristics” that are evidenced in the thought process of adolescents. Discuss these “immature characteristics” (listed in your class notes), giving examples of them seen in the behavior of the movie’s adolescent characters (Juno, Paulie and Leah) 4. Why Are Mark and Vanessa Loring So Mismatched? (Young Adult Development) Young adulthood is a period of transition when the individual begins to take on adult roles, responsibilities and commitments in order to establish a stable adult personality. For many individuals, this includes joining with a significant other, establishing a family that often includes children and embarking on a career. Erikson, Levinson, Sternburg and other theorists detail the developmental transition of this stage. Mark and Vanessa Loring have established careers and a marriage and yet both are dissatisfied with their circumstances. Consider what the developmental theorists mentioned above would have to say about Mark and Vanessa. In particular, determine what psychosocial stage (consider Erikson’s fifth, sixth and seventh stages) that each has achieved. Consider Levinson’s theory for this stage. Think about how each of these individuals views their significant other in terms of Sternburg’s Triangular theory. In developmental terms, explain why Mark and Vanessa are getting a divorce. 5. Parental Relationships and the MacGuffs (Middle Adult Development): An adolescent’s relationship with his/her parents is affected by factors such as generational chauvinism, adolescent rebellion, individuation, conflicts, ambivalence and parental style of discipline and control. Juno’s parents include her father, Mac MacGuff, her stepmother, Bren MacGuff and her absentee birth mother. Use specific examples of Juno’s and her parents’ behavior and comments to discuss their parent/child relationship. Include the concepts and use terminology related to parental relationships listed above to describe and discuss the MacGuff’s relationship with their daughter. In general, how are the MacGuff’s doing with development in middle adulthood?


    Please attach this sheet to you paper Name___________________________ Grading for Movie Character Analysis Assignment:

    • Course textbook and other scholarly research sources should be used. • Your response to the selected topic should be comprehensive and insightful. • Use your course text as a guide to assist you in a discussion of the pertinent

    issues and theories that apply. • Cite your sources using APA style referencing. Do not cite course notes.

    Points: _____4 Introduction – Your paper should include an introduction, stating the topic you are investigating and pertinent information to introduce the reader to the character and circumstances under consideration.

    _____6 Discussion – Your discussion of the question selected should include divisions with boldface headings to organize and delineate your ideas and to assist the reader in understanding your commentary.

    _____6 Analysis – In addition to discussing segments of the movie which

    apply to your selected topic, be sure to analyze the individual’s development, comparing and contrasting with typical development within the age group under consideration. Employ concepts, theories and terminology discussed in class and in your text as much as possible.

    _____6 Summary – Write a conclusion, summarizing your ideas on the

    topic you selected. Include a brief discussion of your reaction to this assignment.

    _____3 Writing Style – Paper reflects professional language, free of grammar and language errors. Style appropriate. Word-processed; spelling and grammar correct. 12-point font / double-spaced. Use bold–faced sub-headings for topics. Textbook and movie are cited using APA style format. Citations in-text for quotes and paraphrased information. Reference list is attached.

    _______ Total Score (25 points total)