Multidimensional Care Assignment Project

Multidimensional Care Assignment Project

Multidimensional Care Assignment Project

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Explain principles of care for clients with oncological disorders.



Anna is a 45-year-old female that presented to her physician’s office for her annual check-up. Anna has a history of diabetes, obesity, and noncompliance with diet and medications to control her diabetes. She a diesel mechanic, single mother of three teenagers, and smokes regularly. During the history review, Anna shares with you that she has not been feeling like herself for the past six months, she has been unusually tired and a cough that just won’t go away. In fact, for the last few weeks, she’s had a cough so bad that she coughed up rust-colored sputum. She stated, “I am very busy with my children; I haven’t had time to get it checked out. When I had bronchitis before, the doc just gave me some antibiotics and they didn’t help.” Anna has a positive family history of bladder cancer; both her mother and grandmother were also smokers who have been treated for breast cancer. Anna has never had a mammogram. She has recently been experiencing lack of appetite. During the examination, the practitioner notes she’s had a 15 pound weight loss since she was last seen and swollen lymph nodes in the neck. Based on the physical findings Anna will undergo a diagnostic CT scan of the chest.



In a 2-page paper, describe the care that Anna would require and address the questions below.

1. What risk factors does Anna have that could predispose her to the development of cancer?

2. What signs and symptoms could indicate that Anna has developed cancer?

3. Based on Anna’s risk factors and presenting problems, identify three multidimensional care strategies that you would use to provide quality care to Anna. Provide rationale to explain why you chose these strategies.



For assistance with citations, refer to the APA Guide.


For assistance with research, refer to the Nursing Research Guide.

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