Assignment: Disaster and Terrorism

Assignment: Disaster and Terrorism

Assignment: Disaster and Terrorism

1.  Identify and discuss disaster types.

2.  Explain the disaster planning process and nursing participation.

3.  Work on the following case studies;


A.  Case Study # 1

As a county health department nurse, your supervisor has informed you that the local Emergency Management Team is issuing a warning of impending disaster as an F3 tornado is expected to hit your large, metropolitan city within the hour.

a.  Which emergency measures would you expect to have already been in place?

b.  What are your potential activities during each phase of the emergency management response?

B.  Case Study # 2

A plane crashed while landing on the runway during a snowstorm. The plane was not able to stop in time and slipped off the end of the runway onto a busy interstate highway. Public health nurses were expected to respond to this disaster as well as many first responders. (Learning Objectives: 1, 2, 5)

a.  What are the responsibilities of public health nurses in disaster management?

b.  Public health nurses have been requested to use the START model to assess the cars involved in the plane crash on the highway. What is the START MODEL, and how are numbers assigned to the individuals?

c.  The houses in a two-mile radius around the airport have been requested to evacuate the area because airplane fuel is leaking into the river located directly next to the airport. What guidelines should be considered for individuals requested to evacuate?

d.  When the public health nurses were color coding for prehospital triage, what do red and black color codes mean?

APA format word document (in-text citations needed).

A minimum of 3 evidence-based references no older than 5 years must be used.

A minimum of 800 words not to exceed 1,000 are required without counting the first and last page.

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