Discussion Forum: Peer Review for Scientific and Mathematical/Analytical Inquiry Draft

Discussion Forum: Peer Review for Scientific and Mathematical/Analytical Inquiry Draft

Discussion Forum: Peer Review for Scientific and Mathematical/Analytical Inquiry Draft

Post a draft of your scientific and mathematical/analytical inquiry paper for peer review. You should also post your level 1 and level 2 research questions. Identify any questions or challenges you faced with the assignment, or mention something new you learned about the research question and inquiry paper process. Pose specific questions you would like your peers to address.


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    The articles are fundamental resources for researchers to re-establish their ideas. They help to give more weight to an individual’s ideas or to counter the reasoning they bring to light the reality that concerns the subject under consideration. Obtaining the relevant article will strengthen the credibility of your reasoning and support the ideas you consider have an impact on the real life situation. The articles that are considered for analysis will relate to great data and how they influence scientific decision making.

    Analysis of the articles

    The first article analyzes the potential of large data to improve the decision-making process. This event has currently attracted the interest of scientists and professionals to bring to light the necessary tools to be considered in decision making. The articles are very relevant as they give a clear light on how the organization that adopts biological data analysis will obtain valuable information (Foster & Tom , 2013). The second article analyzes a systematic and synthesis of data, how the data can produce relevant information that is necessary for decision making… The article is important, as it restores the importance of great data to an organization. This is fundamental to reinforce the idea of analyzing the great impact of data for an organization (Tom & Foster , 2013). Finally, the third article provides a framework through which the summarized information can be communicated to end users. This is fundamental, as it will help write down some key means to communicate my ideas that I have obtained from the research to prospective users. This is critical to ensure that the research goal is achieved (Mary & Jason , 2015).


    However, these articles will be useful to me in ensuring that the background to the research topic and the intended objective are achieved. The achievement of the objectives will help my research to serve its purpose, which will lead me to investigate great data. This will increase my satisfaction and bring an impulse to do more research on other areas of related research gaps.


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