Interpersonal Communications Assignment Discussion

Interpersonal Communications Assignment Discussion

Interpersonal Communications Assignment Discussion

Interpersonal Assignment

This week we are focusing on Chapter 6-7, Interpersonal Communication. This week you can choose any romantic comedy, drama, or reality show. You can use a movie that you own or something that is streaming.

Complete the questions after reading the chapters and watching the television show or movie for your writing assignment.


Expectations for Grading:

· Please type your answers to the following questions in paragraph form, standard formatting (12-point, double-spaced, Times New Roman type, one-inch margins, etc.) There is no required length, but responses need to answer the questions fully, including details/examples from the movie and demonstrate that you understand the material covered overall in class and can relate it to the TV show/ film. You should include specific details and examples (dialogue or nonverbal behavior and expression).

· Your paper needs to include an introduction and conclusion.

· Be sure to respond to each question and identify each question with a heading.

· Format the paper using APA style and include a References page with the citation for the text (television show or film) you use. Any time you quote from the text (television show or film); you should include an internal citation in the text of your paper. Format internal citations with the first entry (author or producer, year of publication).

· For assistance with APA, consult the OWL:

10 Questions:

1. You have analyzed the characteristics of a competent communicator. Which character in this film do you think is the most competent communicator based on the traits we discussed? Why?

2. As you learned in this course, culture and gender have a big impact on the way we communicate. What are some of the culture and gender differences that affect interpersonal communication in the movie? Provide at least two for culture and two for gender.

3. Perception influences every aspect of communication. Explain how the main character’s perceptions likely affect their relationships. Then explain how your own perception influences the way you view the movie.

4. As we know, language is a big factor in interpersonal communication. Give at least 3 examples of language use in the movie between some of the main characters.

5. While the language is important, we also know that nonverbal communication plays a major role in how we communicate (content vs. relational message). There are likely many facial expressions in the movie, among other nonverbal expressions, that says a lot more than words.  Give at least 3 examples of nonverbal communication in the movie.

6. How does listening impact the way the characters in the movie relate to one another? Give at least two examples.

7. How do the main characters portray their emotions? Give three examples.

8. As we know, conflict and power are a big part of our interaction with others. Give two examples of how conflict and/or power were displayed in the movie.

9. Interpersonal deception is also something we all encounter in relationships – where did you see this evidenced in the movie? Give at least one, a quality example of this.

10. Your choice – select any other aspect of Interpersonal Communication that has not already been discussed in the questions above and explain how it relates to the TV show/movie. For example, you could talk about some of the later chapters in the text. How is the social exchange theory evident in the film?  In what ways are Knapp’s Relational Stages portrayed?  Explain how you see Gibb’s communication climates expressed. Pick out anything else you would like to (that has not been mentioned already in the first nine questions).