Culinary Science Discussion Assignment

Culinary Science Discussion Assignment

Culinary Science Discussion Assignment

Create a front, back, and/or side panels for a product that you wish to create for market sales. The label you create must be for a new product that does not currently exist in the market. Be creative! Please make a best guess for the actual ingredient list, and the data you provide in the Nutrition Facts panel. There will be credit for ingredient lists that make sense given the nature of the product. The data in the Nutrition Facts panel must also make sense from a food chemistry and nutrient analysis point of view. For example the stated calories should reflect the amount of Fat, Protein, and Carbohydrate listed on your product. Ideally you should develop the label for the product you recommended to be introduced to the market as a result of your Market Assessment assignment from earlier in this course. Feel free to go to the FDA and or the USDA websites to ensure that your label will meet all of the legislative requirements. Your label must meet legislative requirements.


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    NFS 3393 – Principles of Culinary Science – Developing a Food Label Assignment

    100 Points Total towards final grade for course.




    100% of available points


    80% of available points


    60% of available points

    Legally required elements present and in correct units of measure. All legally required elements present, and units of measure all appropriate.

    · Available points – 40

    One element missing, or incorrect units of measure in no more than two places. Numerous elements missing, and / or inappropriate use of units of measure.
    Legally required elements in correct location on label, in suitable size and fonts All elements in correct location, and suitable size and font.


    · Available points – 20

    One element in wrong location, and/or some information hard to read, Numerous elements in wrong location, and /or most information in inappropriate size or font.
    Information in ingredient list and nutrient panel logical and relevant with respect to the nature of the product. All information consistent and logical for the product type.


    · Available points – 30

    Some information inconsistent with product type. Significant inconsistency between information details and product type.
    Creativity, accuracy of spelling, and grammar. All information presented with correct spelling and grammar.

    · Available points – 10

    · Bonus points for creativity; +10

    Occasional spelling or grammatical error. Significant spelling or grammatical errors.



    100 points


    80 points


    60 points


    · No name

    · No date

    · Late


    · 5 point deduction

    · 5 point deduction

    · 10 point deduction