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Case Management Practice Essay

Case Management Practice Essay

SOC 445 Week 8 Assignment Latest-GCU : Case Management Practice Essay


The social worker must understand the working relationship and engagement process between the social worker and the client/consumer. For this assignment, review the case studies provided to you throughout the course. The case studies are located in the Topic 1 folder in MindTap.

Select two cases in different settings (not including the case study/video you used for the Case Management Process assignment). Use these case studies to address the following in your essay:

In 750-1,000 words, citing two to four scholarly sources, address the following:

Describe the similarities and differences between how you would help the client/consumer as a friend in contrast to how you would support a client/consumer as a case manager for each case.

Explain the strategies you would use as a case manager for each case.

Next, describe the skills needed to thoughtfully engage your client/consumer through a change experience, keeping in mind cultural awareness, ethics, and client autonomy. As a social worker, what are the challenges you may experience and the biases you must be aware of for yourself as a social worker in each case?

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.


SOC 445 Week 8 Discussions Latest-GCU

Each DQ question needs a reference and it must be citied in citation.

  1. Access and view the “Helping Tom Solve a Personal Problem” video located in Topic 8 folder in MindTap. Explain the purpose of monitoring in case management. What does effective monitoring look like? Provide an example of how you would monitor Tom. Explain the importance of time-management skills to conduct effective monitoring, evaluation, and termination activities. Imagine you are assigned to help Tom. Suggest some time-management strategies to effectively conduct monitoring, evaluation, and termination for Tom’s case.
  2. For the Case Management Process assignment in this course, you selected a client/consumer “The first Interview, Michelle”. Using the selected client/consumer’s case, write a specific corresponding case note (150-200 words) for monitoring, evaluation, and termination activities. Post your note in the discussion forum. Comment on the proposed strategies for facilitating effective monitoring, evaluation, and termination activities presented by your classmates.
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