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Ethical Issues of Limiting Care: HLT 520 Week 1 Discussion 2

Ethical Issues of Limiting Care: HLT 520 Week 1 Discussion 2

Ethical Issues of Limiting Care: HLT 520 Week 1 Discussion 2

In this time of limited financial resources and reduced government payments for health care services, what are the ethical issues of limiting care? How much uncompensated care can hospitals absorb? Where do people with no resources go for care? What is the state’s responsibility to ensure health care services? What are the ethical considerations that should be taken into account?

HLT 520 Week 2 Discussion 1

Discuss the four components of a valid contract and apply them to a contract with a vendor to purchase a new CT scanner. What would you include in the contract? How would you be sure it would be valid?

HLT 520 Week 2 Discussion 2

Since the hospital/patient relationship is considered a contract of sorts, how is it affected if the patient decides to disconnect himself from telemetry and leave the hospital for 4 hours to go score some cocaine on the street? What would you do as a hospital administrator in this situation?

HLT 520 Week 3 Discussion 1

If a physician develops a history of disruptive behavior, belittling staff, cursing at coworkers, and being rude and curt to patients, what are the responsibilities of the medical staff, the hospital, and the other professionals involved? Why do you believe that so many staff may be reluctant to report a poorly behaving physician?

HLT 520 Week 3 Discussion 2

What do you see as the pros and cons of obtaining fair market value analyses on the compensation paid to physicians, especially when the market rates are benchmarked against national standards? How could this information be used in negotiating rates with physicians?


HLT 520 Week 4 Discussion 1 Latest-GCU

Discuss your opinion of the Stark laws, what they are designed to do, the impact of the exceptions, and whether you think they are successful in preventing unethical behavior.

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